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When art calls, you have to follow. Not everyone gets to experience this calling since it comes with great passion. Homemade Siam’s Bakery was founded to supplying fresh bakery with a focus on Thailand’s cuisine and the main ingredient being love. With so much passion, we offer an exotic experience that will introduce you to our culture and leave you begging for more. Inspired by how food can tell a story, convey cultural ideas, and bring people together, we ensure each bakery is made with an immense keenness that will give you nostalgia.

Apart from bakeries, our online market offers a variety of products and goods from Thailand so as to support the Thai community in the UK. Whenever you miss anything from home, Siam’s Bakery and Kitchen will bring you the item at your doorstep. We offer impeccable services with a focus on timely delivery, quality, and valuable products. We find great satisfaction in seeing the smile on the customer’s face with every purchase. If you need a tour of our culture, make an order and get a taste of Thailand with every delivery.

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