Reheating method and preservation

As our "Soft milk bun" contains high amount of Milk and Butter. Due to cold weather and delivery period, It will be necessary to reheat or warm up before serving. 

- For the better soft texture and better taste " Please reheat before having them ".


Please follow the reheating method as instructed :




    Solf milk bun which STUFFED or SPREAD with butter :

          Recommended to reheat by Microwave at *Low-Temp for 10 - 15 seconds


    Rotiboy / Melon Pan / Coffee Bun


          Reheat by the oven (with fan) at 150°C for 15 - 17 minutes

          ( DON'T recommended to reheat by Microwave )




- Bun Preservation -


Solf milk bun :

    Bake in the oven at 150°C

    for 12 - 15 minutes

By Microwave

***Noted: Never use the high temperature!!!


Soft milk bun :

       *Low-Temp 20 seconds

       *Med-Temp 10 seconds

By Oven

Outside the fridge / At room temperature


Normally, our soft milk bun can last for 1 week but as there are different ingredients inside the bun so the shelf life may differ  .. Approximately:  4 - 5 วัน (*From the dispatch date)

*The bun that contain COCONUT MILK and FRESH CREAM can only last for 2 - 3 day without the fridge.


In the Fridge

Our soft milk bun can stay up to  7 - 9 days in the fridge (*From the dispatch date)

*The bun that contain COCONUT MILK and FRESH CREAM can only last for 3 - 4 day without the fridge.


In the Freezer

You can also FREEZE our soft milk bun without losing the soft texture or the taste. The frozen bun can stay in the freezer up to 3 months.

How to reheat the FROZEN soft milk bun?

Defrost the frozen bun in the fridge until it has COMPLETELY defrosted, after that you can reheat them by as instruction as above. The bun will remain the same taste and texture. Delicious as always.